At bare, we keep it simple. No extra stuff. Which means you get more taste with fewer ingredients, and nothing artificial ever.

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bare BAKED

Making bare snacks is surprisingly simple

We bake whole fruit using special ovens that caramelize our one-of-a-kind sweetness on the outside and bake in crunchy goodness on the inside. Sprinkle in a dash of flavor and voila! bare you have it!

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bare Crunchy Chips

Our apples don't fall far from the tree...and now neither do our coconuts!

After years of making crunchy apple chips, we've gone loco for coco! Satisfy your craving for crunch with our latest creation, hitting store shelves now.

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Dare to bare your moment

We invited people to bare it all. They shared a simple truth about themselves that reveals the good, the funny, the honest & the real.

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Until recently I thought a high colonic was a festive tropical drink… - Joshua P.

I lost a whole year of my life because I thought I was 26, not 27 – Kimberly H.

I love my dog sometimes more than I love people – Valerie G.

I hate being picked up! – Bethany W.

I let the kids lick the bowl! I know it could make them sick but...I can't help but let them enjoy! – Natasha R.

I can’t recall a single word my fiancé said when he proposed, but I remember exactly how sparkly the ring was. – Crystal G.

I feel most at home when I´m all alone. On a bus, on a plane, or in a different country. I´m a loner Dottie, a rebel! –Tiffany G.

When I make muffins, I like to eat the mix before I bake it. Sometimes it replaces dinner - Malena W.

I have a secret crush on Tom Brokaw – Julie H.